CruiseControl Monitors - Gotchas and repost

Sudhindra Rao Sudhindra Rao Follow Oct 04, 2009 · 1 min read
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When trying to use cc_monitor on my current project I hit the known snag of making it work with cruisecontrol.rb. For the umpteenth time I was not able to find any documentation on making it publish cc_tray compatible xml, which would make cc_monitor work with cc.rb.

After some googling and mucking around I downloaded latest cruisecontrol.rb and looked at its routes. I found a route “XmlServerReport.aspx” which does publish in ‘cctray’ format. I plugged it in to cc_monitor and it works like a charm.

So now I can announce that ccmonitor works with any java/ruby versions of cruisecontrol. If you would like to use ccmonitor with a continuous integration tool make sure it publishes a cc_tray compatible xml and you are all set.

Recently I successfully added ‘bacon’ to test my ramaze code for cc_monitor. The repository has been updated so check it out.

I was also suggested to check out cc_board which is a build monitor written in sinatra by David Vollbracht. Another app to make big visible charts for your team!

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