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Sudhindra Rao Sudhindra Rao Follow Jan 19, 2012 · 1 min read
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Recently I was trying to host git repository from an already existing (non-bare) repository. I was looking for a solution that does not force me to create a bare repository and does not require me to install apache or some such webserver on my machine.

I found a wonderful tool written by Scott Chacon called grack. grack is a git server on top of rack. Its elegance is in its design. It consists of few hundred lines of a rack middleware (awesome!) and a 6–8 line config file that allows you to host any repository over http. Setting it up on a local machine was really easy. Even hosting multiple repositories is trivial.

I discovered one quirk when my server was not accessible, was due to binding it specifically to Avoid this and bind to the hostname instead.

Many thanks to Scott Chacon, Github, Rack and Ruby for keeping it so simple.

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